Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence and Journalism
How AI influences Freedom of the Press

AI and the Arms Race
How Artificial Intelligence is Shifting the Balance of Power

Pesticide by Thimbelful
The AI Revolution in Agriculture

Facials, Forensics, Fugitives
Artificial Intelligence in Law Enforcement

Where Have All the Brokers Gone?
Artificial Intelligence Empties the Stock Market
Qualifications: Jay Tuck is an internationally acclaimed speaker whose lively talks are accompanied by exclusive video and photographs. His TED-Talk reached 2 million views on the internet. Tuck speaks to private banks and financial institutions (World Bank, Chambers of Commerce, Patrizia), to gala events (Deloitte, ServicePlan), Media and Medical Congresses (WAZ, Universitätsklinikum Essen), Innovation and Research Symposia (Vodafone, Goethe University), as well as security and law enforcement conferences (Bundeswehr Officers Academy, Sicherheitsgespräche 2017).
Middle East

Aftermath of the Arab Spring
Doing Business in the Middle East

Mass media often presents a confused picture of today’s Middle East - riots in Egypt, murder in Benghazi, kidnappings in Sinai. Trusted alliances collapse as the influence of extremists continues to grow, even in Gulf countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. For governments, this means the loss of strategic partners, for investors and businesses an unpredictable situation. Who are the players? What are the prospects? How stabile are the governments?

Understanding the Power Elite
The Untold History of Abu Dhabi

Jay Tuck has just finished producing a major 45-documentary on the history of the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi. He interviewed members of the ruling family and some of the richest people in the world, filming in their palaces as they described a childhood in the poverty of the early years, when the country had no streets or hospitals, no electric light and no running water. The film was broadcast in Germany in ZDF and by Natioinal Geographics. Its author offers behind-the-scenes background on the history and heritage of the UAE and how their leaders think.

Qualifications: Jay Tuck has deep understanding of the Middle East. As founder and CEO of Airtime Dubai, a leading media company in the region, he has produced over 250 weekly half-hour segments – in Arabic – for Al-Jazeera Television. As a businessman, he has travelled the region extensively. As keynote speaker, he has appeared before the Chambers of Commerce in Dubai and Hamburg, the Emirates Economic Summit, as well as the World Bank.
Jay Tuck

Keynote Speaker . Author . Film Producer